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Stick Out From The Competition With Your Sales Presentation

Like selling wasn’t tough enough before now, we’re currently in an economic climate where lots more people are competing for your business and doing anything they need to do to get the business. Perhaps it was simple when the funds were flowing and you also only had one rival with a terrible toupee and affordable shoes. Nowadays you’ve got thirteen challengers, all promoting awesome products, in a world wide web… Continue reading - Stick Out From The Competition With Your Sales Presentation >>


Sales Presenters: Tune In First

As a motivational speaker, I don’t think about myself a guru at the science of selling, not even close. There are individuals out there much more experienced than me creating books and articles on the craft of selling. Clearly there aren’t as many individuals studying them, or there wouldn’t be so many sales reps selling like complete fools. It’s critical, I know – nonetheless you

Using Stories to Sell a Product

Telling a Story With Effect

Whether it’s a motivational speech or a sales speech, stories are paramount. Writing a great story is not identical to telling a fantastic story.

Be Certain It Applies To YOUR Listeners

A story about the adventures of having a two-year-old is the entirely wrong story for a group of university kids. Find a story with an experience… Continue reading - Using Stories to Sell a Product >>


Where’s the Emphasis in Your Sales Speech?

My turning point as a motivational speaker arrived when I quit making my speeches about me and began creating them about my listeners . Tough for an artist. Of course it was supposed to be about me – who else was up on that platform ? I gave a wonderful presentation. Audiences praised the performance . Wasn’t that the point?

I studied other presenters to observe… Continue reading - Where's the Emphasis in Your Sales Speech? >>