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Motivational Speaker Discovers How to Finish First

So, you think good guys finish last? See what motivational speaker Kelly Swanson has to say on the subject:



Motivational Speaker Shares Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not something that comes up in most conversations. However, motivational keynote speaker Kelly Swanson has made forgiveness one of the pillars of her method to “get out of life’s potholes”. On motivational-speakers-review.com Kelly shares a video of the  real life changes that come from forgiveness:



Annoying People Aren’t Always What They Seem

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson writes an interesting article about her real life experience with an annoying person on a plane. Read the article on Motivational-Speakers-Review.com about this story’s surprising end… Continue reading - Annoying People Aren't Always What They Seem >>


What Do Good Motivational Speakers Do?

  • They get the listener PSYCHED concerning your current corporate goals, about their professions, about the convention – about situation overall.
  • A superb motivational speaker shows you how to self motivate. Given that nothing happens minus the enthusiasm to make it happen. Say it’s fluff if you want – nevertheless, the absence of determination is EXTREMELY DAMAGING to your

Motivational Speaker Finds She is Not Alone

Motivational speakers encourage audiences to make positive changes in their lives. But a big part of the equation is having flexibility, a willingness to change FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! The changes you make today will not exempt you from needing to make changes tomorrow. We live in an exciting time. BUT – to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are cropping… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker Finds She is Not Alone >>


Motivational Speakers – Wanna Go Viral? Consider Humor

I’m a motivational speaker and an ardent supporter of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and all things search engine . I enjoy social networking because it enables motivational speakers like me to be in touch with the many people I meet in life and in my business. And staying in touch implies staying in front of their mind, which generally results in speaking jobs… Continue reading - Motivational Speakers - Wanna Go Viral? Consider Humor >>


The Practice Of Inspiring People Starts With A Genuine Devotion For Your Listener

Dedication takes place anytime your urge to accomplish a specific thing turns emotional rather than rational. This will not ever occur until trustworthiness is achieved between the motivational public speaker and the listener. To be able to competently persuade individuals, these folks must trust in you. They need to fully grasp that you actually really care about them – instead of yourself. The


Motivational Speakers – Do You Know When They’re Motivated?

There is a massive difference in being aware of what we must do and really being committed to do it. Being a motivational speaker, my role isn’t to instruct, it’s to propel individuals to act now with the training they’ve been provided. Training entails the conveying of facts. Sadly this action doesn’t guarantee that the audience pays attention, comprehends, makes concrete, and consequently applies… Continue reading - Motivational Speakers - Do You Know When They're Motivated? >>


Stick Out From The Competition With Your Sales Presentation

Like selling wasn’t tough enough before now, we’re currently in an economic climate where lots more people are competing for your business and doing anything they need to do to get the business. Perhaps it was simple when the funds were flowing and you also only had one rival with a terrible toupee and affordable shoes. Nowadays you’ve got thirteen challengers, all promoting awesome products, in a world wide web… Continue reading - Stick Out From The Competition With Your Sales Presentation >>


Your Presentation Is Your Product – Is It Truly Good Enough?

Being a motivational speaker, comedian, and speaking coach, I see presenters making the identical mistake repeatedly. They concentrate so much on marketing the product that they neglect the product. Being a public speaker your presentation is your product or service. The encounter is what you are offering – not the content. Assuming they simply wanted the material they’d purchase… Continue reading - Your Presentation Is Your Product - Is It Truly Good Enough? >>