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Two Simple Words To Help You Get Business and Keep It

Overdeliver. This whole post may be summed up in those two words. But you recognize that as a jaw-boning motivational speaker, I cannot keep any conversation to two words. However, they are two golden words in terms of obtaining the business and retaining the client. Also it indicates exactly what you suspect it means: Deliver greater results.If you find yourself convinced that delivering “satisfactory” is

Motivational Speakers – To Motivate Or Educate?

Motivational speakers have received an undesirable standing recently, regarded as gaudy suit wearing encouragement machines with excessively dayglow teeth, who get paid to do nothing but stand before us and inform us we’re able to do something that they haven’t yet discovered a way to do themselves. We’ve lost jobs as the event did not have adequate money still left in the event budget

Turn Off Your Listeners In 30 Seconds Flat – Part 1

How Issues Beyond Your Dialog Impact Your Attendees

Regardless if you are a funny motivational speaker just like me, interviewing for a job, a spanking new Ceo addressing your firm, or a sales person delivering a heavy material-dense sales demonstration – you’ve got an audience. Your opportunity to relate with your listeners is seriously influenced by upon your expertise to produce a positive… Continue reading - Turn Off Your Listeners In 30 Seconds Flat - Part 1 >>


Use LinkedIn to Educate Yourself About Your Audience

How To Make Your Sales Presentation Connect With An Audience You’ve Never Met

The quickest strategy to relate with your audience is to really know your listeners. Sadly, as motivational speakers, sales people, or anyone doing presentations knows, we don’t often get the chance to familiarize yourself with them to start with. Or do we? Are we able to become familiar with an audience… Continue reading - Use LinkedIn to Educate Yourself About Your Audience >>