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Stellar Customer Service Lives!

Are you tired of reading about how universally terrible customer service has become? Example, after example, after example… I know I am. Here’s a story by motivational speaker Marilyn Sherman that will renew your faith in great customer service:
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Two Simple Words To Help You Get Business and Keep It

Overdeliver. This whole post may be summed up in those two words. But you recognize that as a jaw-boning motivational speaker, I cannot keep any conversation to two words. However, they are two golden words in terms of obtaining the business and retaining the client. Also it indicates exactly what you suspect it means: Deliver greater results.If you find yourself convinced that delivering “satisfactory” is

Customer Service As Seen By A Motivational Speaker

Have you looked at your customer service from your customer’s perspective? Is your customer service head and shoulders above your competitors? Here are my observations, as a motivational speaker, on what’s now required.

The world has evolved significantly considering that the internet altered the scene. The world has changed considerably provided that social networking moved into the scene. The existing financial state has radically