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Motivational Speaker Finds She is Not Alone

Motivational speakers encourage audiences to make positive changes in their lives. But a big part of the equation is having flexibility, a willingness to change FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! The changes you make today will not exempt you from needing to make changes tomorrow. We live in an exciting time. BUT – to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are cropping… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker Finds She is Not Alone >>


Promote Ingenuity , Reap Invention

As a motivational speaker, comic, I speak a lot about the necessity of standing up and sticking out in a crowded marketplace . There are numerous ways to do that, but if I had to choose one word to clarify it I would choose creativity. The modern world is loud , and lots of us are merely attempting to scream noisier. It isn’t… Continue reading - Promote Ingenuity , Reap Invention >>