Your Presentation Is Your Product – Is It Truly Good Enough?

Being a motivational speaker, comedian, and speaking coach, I see presenters making the identical mistake repeatedly. They concentrate so much on marketing the product that they neglect the product. Being a public speaker your presentation is your product or service. The encounter is what you are offering – not the content. Assuming they simply wanted the material they’d purchase a textbook and not bother paying you to come give the message face to face. Therefore, your speech is your product. Plus your rivals are ferocious. There are easily hundreds of other speakers offering an identical message. Perhaps you have something unique to speak about, but as soon as you’ve given it out to tens of thousands of audience members it’s not too unique anymore, is it? It’s not what you declare which makes you stand head and shoulders above your rivals – it’s how you say it. Just how have you been saying it? Are you sufficiently good? Actually? A lot of you believe you’re sufficiently good and you aren’t. I am sure since I’ve observed you present.

The first question you should think about is whether or not you’re sufficiently good to be in-front of an audience – charging the price tag that you do? Genuinely adequate. How do you know? You know by the reviews you get from audience and clients. You know by how regularly you are booked again. You know because you get re-hired again and again. You know because they jump to their feet and clap when you are through. You realize when they don’t move the entire time you talk – if they stop sending text messages and making telephone calls – when not a soul leaves to use the rest room. You understand when people show up and discuss with you to demonstrate to them how to do exactly what you do . You understand when you watch yourself on video and enjoy it. In case you don’t know, employ a coach or find somebody who’ll give you truthful opinions. And don’t be exasperated by what you find out. All of us are terrible before we become good. It’s not an overnight process. Dust yourself off and become better. How do you do it?

Put time and effort into getting better.. If you aren’t prepared to invest countless hours on your program – the same amount of hours Michael Jackson spent planning for a live concert down to every single move and each sound and every motion – the same massive number of hours a superstar basketball player spends doing his jump shot -if you aren’t willing to invest long hours then you’ll never be excellent. Period. Consistently improve your game with the addition of cutting edge components to your talk – new stories, fresh jokes, up-to-date points, cutting edge methods for presenting it. The key is not just to generate something new and better – but to produce something totally different. Authenticity and Distinctive are key words to standing head and shoulders above your competitors on the platform. Try something new each time you give a show -even if it’s something as modest as one new story or standing in a different place on stage. Continuously bring yourself out of your comfort zone.

Ask any of the big-time motivational speakers for their secret and they tell you: look at game film – videos of yourself doing your thing. I know, it’s difficult. But you must do it. That’s where you’ll discover those maddening practices like pacing far too much or tugging at your locks. You’ll also see what works. Watching your performances is key – and you’ll have demo videos to make use of from it. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and the rehearse some more.. I can’t emphasize this enough. I have spent a complete day focusing on a single phrase – giving emphasis to different elements, moving in different ways, trying various things with my hands. Rehearse until you know that part like the back of your hand. That’s truly the gap between okay and remarkable.

And enjoy yourself! If you lose the passion for what you do, so will your audience.


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