Motivational Speakers – Wanna Go Viral? Consider Humor

I’m a motivational speaker and an ardent supporter of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and all things search engine . I enjoy social networking because it enables motivational speakers like me to be in touch with the many people I meet in life and in my business. And staying in touch implies staying in front of their mind, which generally results in speaking jobs. Furthermore, it allows me the ability to genuinely get acquainted with my audience – Digital networking. Got to love it.

I’m keeping an eye out to discover content obtain the most thumbs up, shares, and remarks. Is it the short article introducing a fresh sale on my book? A posted write-up on the way to sell to Gen-Xers? A blog post on which sweet goo you chose to put on your hotcakes at the Waffle House? Or is it the blog post when you recite a famous individual every thirty seconds? Or what about the blog posts that you consider whether or not it should be Christmas tree instead of winter holiday tree?

I came to a few results:

1. This will depend on the individual viewing the blog post. A lot of folks will respond on one sort of blog post a lot more than another. So that you can’t genuinely declare that there exists a proper way and a wrong way. Nevertheless, there were clearly some articles or blog posts which generated more action on a persistent basis. Consequently, take a look at two and three.

2. Folks respond to comical articles. I find HUMOROUS blog posts and email messages and video clips distributed more than anything else. That ought to tell you something concerning your prospects, and the folks you wish to influence. People love to bust a gut. And they’re going to react to comedy. So, use laughter whenever feasible. It’s contagious. And everyone knows that contagious is awesome as it pertains to social networking,

3. People today respond to content that impact them on an emotional level. That’s quite possibly the basis for my second point. Men and women react the most whenever they can’tkeep from replying. Maybe that post stepped on your level of sensitivity to a specific taboo issue. Maybe the person shared something that is so true to what you think, that you couldn’t keep from throwing in your two cents. Maybe you just can’t avoid jumping into a conflict, even when you are not familiar with the participants. Perhaps that article asked for help, and you answered the request. Something to be picked up here? Make an effort to touch your customers on an emotional level. Determine what they are concerned about. Don’t simply talk to their intelligence, connect to their sentiment. This is the place where they buy from.


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